Make a Cabriole Leg – Live Streaming Class


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Make a Cabriole Leg in this live online class.

Learn how to Make a Cabriole Leg in this interactive-online class. We’ll start this three-hour class with a lesson on designing cabriole legs, then I’ll coach you through designing your own. We’ll then work through making a pad-foot cabriole leg.

This is an interactive, virtual class. Learn to Make a Cabriole Leg from the comfort of your own shop!

Cabriole Leg

Cabriole legs are the epitome of 18th Century furniture. Making them is much easier than it looks. And in this three-hour class, you’ll go from design to cabriole leg.




Some of the skills covered in this class are:

  • How to layout a cabriole leg
  • Turning a pad foot
  • Methods for sawing cabriole legs
  • Shaping with edged tools, files, and rasps

This course will take place on Sunday, January 31, 2021, from 9:00 am EST until approximately noon.

I’ll open the virtual shop at 8:00 am EST in order to ensure everyone has their technology (internet connection, camera, and mic) set up properly. I’ll start design lessons at 9:00 am EST. More specific details about the schedule are outlined in the class-confirmation email that immediately follows your successful registration.

For this class you’ll need:

  • An internet connection in your shop (phones work, but broadband wifi is better, hard-wired ethernet is best)
  • A webcam or cell phone with video/audio capabilities
  • A tripod or method of holding and aiming your camera while keeping it steady
  • A power supply for your camera that can last the entire class

You’ll also need the following.

Each student must supply his, or her, own: safety glasses and hearing protection; combination or machinist square; bevel gauge; bench chisels; carvers mallet; dovetail saw; marking gauge; smooth plane or jack plane; block plane; spokeshaves; a tape measure or folding rule; a bandsaw; lathe; and leg and pattern materials.

This course is limited in size to a maximum of 8 students.

If this course sells out, please call or email to be placed on the waiting list.


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