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Chuck Bender – Furniture Maker

Charles (Chuck) Bender painstakingly builds furniture from the best figured lumber available for a limited number of clients each year. If you are interested in having a piece of furniture crafted specifically for you, contact Chuck by clicking here or by calling (484)464-2212.

Below are links to various sections of the portfolio, but the photographs presented represent only a small fraction of the furniture built by Chuck Bender throughout his career. When you consider that he’s made in excess of 60 tall case (or grandfather) clocks, hundreds of chairs and more case pieces and tables than he can remember, it’s clear his experience is rarely rivaled.

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Company History

Charles Bender and Company, Cabinet and Chair Makers is a company dedicated to making period furniture in exacting detail. Although much of our work can be seen in museums and private antique collections, we can copy or design a piece specifically for your home. We use the highest quality figured woods available and use period correct construction methods when applicable. For those who want the look while maintaining a modern lifestyle, our period furniture adaptations can be created to suit your every need.




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