30-Minute Bandsaw Rehab with Alex Snodgrass

Carter guides are a key element of the 30-minute bandsaw rehab.I’ve already set myself up for massive criticism, and I haven’t said a thing yet. Yep, Alex Snodgrass came to my shop and did a 30-minute bandsaw rehab on my 1990s Delta 14″ bandsaw. Sure, Alex most likely won’t be showing up at your place to tune up your saw, but it isn’t that hard. He says it’ll take about an hour, then proceeds to get it done in just over half an hour (even with the standard in-shop horsing around).

While it was great having my pal Al in the shop and fixing up my old bandsaw, this is definitely something you can do on your own. The best part is, the Snodgrass method is well thought out, logical, and easy to follow. It just makes sense.

30-Minute Bandsaw Rehab

Alex starts the 30-minute bandsaw rehab by assessing my bandsaw and pretty rapidly comes to the conclusion it needs new tires, a Carter quick release, and guides. He then proceeds to strip my saw down to the frame. Why? It’s the easiest way to get everything set up and adjusted (which is more than we can say for Alex).

Replacing the tires during your 30-Minute Bandsaw Rehab is easy and doesn't have to get you wet.Throughout the rehab, Alex dispells several bandsaw myths. The first comes pretty quickly right out of the gate. The instructions that come with the urethane replacement tires say to soak them in hot water for 10 minutes before installation. Alex has his method that super easy and a lot less wet.

The video has endless nuggets of information about bandsaws and how to tune them up for peak performance.

And if you’re still unsure about how to tune up a bandsaw after watching the 30-Minute Bandsaw Rehab video below, there are still a couple of open spots in Alex’s upcoming 3D Cutting Board class. Alex starts Saturday morning demonstrating how to tune the saws you’ll use in class. Every student leaves with an 11″ X 18″ cutting board and the knowledge of how to optimize and use a bandsaw to make even more. It’s the smallest class Alex will teach all year, which means you get plenty of one-on-one instruction. And the best part is those last couple of spots are on sale through next Monday. Use the coupon code September at checkout and get 10% off.

I want to thank Carter Products for providing the guides for this video. The remainder of the replacement parts were purchased from https://www.carterproducts.com/

And a special thanks to my friend, Alex Snodgrass for trekking all the way to my shop to tune up my saw (and drink my Bourbon).

— Chuck

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  1. Chuck,
    Came across this video 2 days ago. Yesterday ordered the quick detensioner which arrives Monday. Today installed bandsaw tires which I got 4 years ago, before our move from Estes Park CO to WA. I can prep for the detensioner next and do more band saw rehab.
    Thanks fror inspiration for me to get in gear.

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