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Step up for joinery in my live online Dovetail Blitz class.Get ready to dovetail! This two-day class is designed to really get you dovetailing. You’ll cut more dovetails in two days than you’ve probably cut in your life – all with the intent to tune up your technique and speed up the process. The goals are simple: fix your sawing and waste removal techniques; give you some powerful time- and labor-saving tips; get you cutting consistently good dovetails every time right out of the box.

This is an interactive, virtual class. Learn to dovetail from the comfort of your own shop!

Dovetail Blitz

We’ll focus on through and half-blind dovetails. This gives you the edge you need when it comes to case and drawer construction. Whether you’re a pins-first or tails-first person, this class will help you cut better dovetails.




Some of the skills covered in this class are:

  • Through dovetails
  • Half blind dovetails
  • Improved sawing technique
  • Improved waste removal techniques

This course will take place on Saturday, January 23, and Sunday, January 24, 2021, with a private 1/2 -hour follow-up online session a few days after the class.

I’ll open the virtual shop each day at 8:00 am EST in order to ensure everyone has their technology (internet connection, camera, and mic) set up properly. I’ll start dovetail lessons at 9:00 am EST.  At 12:00 pm EST, the class will break for lunch for one hour. Class resumes at 1:00 pm EST and runs until 5:00 pm EST. More specific details about the schedule are outlined in the class-confirmation email that immediately follows your successful registration.

For this class you’ll need:

  • An internet connection in your shop (phones work, but broadband wifi is better, hard-wired ethernet is best)
  • A webcam or cell phone with video/audio capabilities
  • A tripod or method of holding and aiming your camera while keeping it steady
  • A power supply for your camera that can last all-day

You’ll also need the following.

Each student must supply his, or her, own: safety glasses and hearing protection; combination or machinist square; bevel gauge; bench chisels; carvers mallet; dovetail saw; marking gauge; smooth plane or jack plane; block plane; and tape measure or folding rule.

This course is limited in size to a maximum of 8 students.

If this course sells out, please call or email to be placed on the waiting list.

4 reviews for Dovetail Blitz – Live Online Class

  1. Phil Stevens (verified owner)

    Chuck is, without a doubt, one of the best instructors I have encountered. Handcut dovetails are not difficult to understand. However, they take practice to execute and make them look good. Chuck’s class gives you the knowledge to layout a basic dovetail, how to proper handle a dovetail saw, how to make the correct cuts, and to finish the dovetail so that the pins and tails fit.

    Chuck is patient, precise, informative, and at times funny in a weird sort of way. The two day class went much quicker than expected. At the end you can see your progress from your first attempt at dovetails to a truly finished effort by looking at all the bits of wood lying on your bench. While you can find a multitude of videos on handcut dovetails Chuck gives you a personal experience that nothing on YouTube is capable of providing.

    Bottom line: take the class. It is definitely worth the time.

    Phil Stevens
    Hillsboro, Virginia

    • Chuck

      Thanks, Phil…I think.

      It was great fun having you, and everyone else in the class. And the best part for me is seeing each of you progress and become better dovetailers.


  2. David Veits (verified owner)

    Chuck is a gifted educator and a talented woodworker. I had never really attempted to cut dovetails before this class, but at the end of the second day I had created several sets of well fitting, good looking dovetails.

    When I signed up for the class I had no idea what a woodworking class would be like over Zoom. What I was *really* afraid of is that Chuck would have to spend a half a day troubleshooting people’s technology issues instead of teaching woodworking. That was not the case at all. Chuck helped any who needed help get set up days in advance of the class.

    Chuck made absolutely excellent use of the technology. He has a multi-camera set up in his own shop so that he can demonstrate from multiple angles and levels of visual detail. He can also pick up on minute details on your work and make pointed and relevant suggestions, never saying “I can’t see the issue because the video quality is too poor”.

    Chuck is also extraordinarily generous with his time. For the price of admission, you are not only getting two full days of detailed instruction and feedback while you practice, but you also get a 1-on-1 follow-up session with him so that you can ask additional questions after you’ve had more time to practice.

    This class exceeded my expectations in every way and I won’t hesitate to take more virtual or in-person classes from Chuck in the future.

  3. Kerry Smith (verified owner)

    Great class! Chuck took the time to provide a comprehensive group class on the fundamentals and then worked with each of us throughout the course to ensure we were getting his focused attention.

    Honestly, I did not feel that anything was lost in doing this on a virtual platform. Chuck did a tech check a few days before so we were able to get down to business without annoying tech issues during the class. He even had multiple cameras going so he could zoom in and we could view his detailed demonstrations from multiple angles.

    Chuck also scheduled individual follow up sessions where he could offer further pointers based on how we had progressed since the class. For me, a couple of tweaks to my wrist position when sawing did the trick. When the snow melts I plan to see if his wrist tweak can help my golf game!

  4. David Anderson (verified owner)

    While not my first online class, this was definitely one of the better ones. Chuck presents the theory and his implementation of that theory and the rest is up to you. It is a learn by doing situation. The more you do the better you will become. But don’t think that you are on your own. Chuck is always there, watching and willing to assist in any way. If you are serious about producing better dovetails this class, and Chuck, will go a long way in helping you achieve that goal.

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