Make a Wharton Esherick 3-Tier Stand – Hands-on Class


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Build the iconic Wharton Esherick 3-tier stand.Wharton Esherick was an artist and studio furniture maker before virtually everyone else. His work is often sculptural with light, flowing lines. The 3-tier stand he created in the mid-1960s is no exception.


3-Tier Stand

In this 5-day class, you’ll create your version of this Wharton Esherick masterpiece. From the joinery to the mix of woods, the details of this stand elevate it to another level of quality and design. There’s also lots of power and hand tool work to help develop or improve your skills.

We will be bending parts in class, but they will not be used on the stand made in class because of the time required for the bendings to set. The actual parts will be bent in advance.

Some of the skills learned in the 3-tier Stand class are:

  • Steam bending parts
  • Through mortise-and-tenon joinery
  • Sculpted furniture parts

Due to the nature of steam bending, the oak, ash or hickory framework materials are included in the price of the class. The shelf/tread material may be supplied by the student or purchased through me.

Each student should supply his, or her, own:

  • Safety glasses and hearing protection
  • Combination or machinist square
  • Bevel gauge
  • Bench chisels
  • Carvers mallet
  • Dovetail saw
  • Marking gauge
  • Smooth plane or jack plane
  • Block plane
  • Tape measure or folding rule

If you do not have the tools on the list, don’t panic, there are plenty of tools for your use in class.

Course Dates:

  • April 6 –  April 10, 2020 Due to Covid-19 this class is postponed
  • November 9 – 13, 2020 New Dates!

The shop opens at 8:30 am. Class begins at 9:00 am.  A delicious lunch, snacks, and soft drinks are provided. Class ends at 4:30 pm – the shop remains open until 5:30 pm.

The class is limited to a maximum of 3 students.

Call or email to be placed on the waiting list if this class sells out.


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