Carve a Ball & Claw Foot with Chuck Bender DVD


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Carve the Ultimate Furniture Foot

  • Create classic feet using a few basic carving tools
  • Use a flat chisel to round the ball portion of the foot
  • See how small changes influence your design
  • Use ‘horizon lines’ to achieve symmetry

Carving a ball & claw foot is easier than you might think – but only if you have the right instructor.

Charles Bender has carved hundreds of these icons of period furniture and has developed simple and straightforward techniques that anyone can learn.

During this at-the-bench video, Chuck teaches you the carving process from ball to toe, and shows you how to develop and maintain symmetry as you work – the true hallmark of great ball & claw feet.

Charles (Chuck) Bender has been a woodworker since the age of 12. He’s renowned for his period furniture reproductions, which can be seen in museums and private collections. In 2007, he started the Acanthus Workshop.


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