Simple Scratch Beader

Beading is a great way to finish the edges of your furniture projects. This simple, shop-made scratch beader gets you there quick and easy. Whether you make traditional furniture or contemporary designs, softening the edges with some a bead is not only functional but decorative without being overbearing.

There are typically three primary types of beads used in period furniture, a true bead, a cock bead, and a scratch bead. You cut true beads into the surfaces of furniture using hand planes, while you apply cock beads into a rabbet. Scratch beads are also cut into the surface, but they are scraped using a scratch stock instead of cut with planes.

Simple Scratch Beader

A simple, shop-made scratch stock from a scrap and a screw.The beauty of a scratch bead comes from its simplicity. Unlike cock beading on formal furniture that usually stands proud of a surface, scratch beads are flush, and you can add them to nearly any style of furniture. They dress up a plain piece without being ostentatious.

The great thing about scratch beads is, you don’t need to spend a ton of time or money getting a scratch stock. You can make one very quickly from scraps you already have in your shop. The video that follows (much shorter than yesterday’s) shows you exactly how to make a simple scratch beader and how to use it.

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— Chuck

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