Table Saw Basics

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The table saw is an extremely versatile power tool and the core of many woodworking shops.The table saw is the core of many woodworking shops because of its versatility. In Table Saw Basics (originally offered at the virtual Woodworking Shows in 2021) I’ll take you through everything from what a table saw is, and how to use it safely to how to make a few of my favorite jigs.

Whether you’re new to woodworking and have never used a table saw before, or you’re an old pro there is something to learn in this four-part course.

Table Saw Basics

Part 1 of deals with operational safety. I give you the basics of what a table saw is, how it works, and what I focus on every time I hit the power button.

In the second part, you’ll learn tips and tricks for creating accurate dadoes, rabbets, and grooves with little or no effort.

Jump into the third part to learn all about bevels, chamfers, and miters.

And this course rounds out withmy three favorite table saw jigs.